Saturday, June 30, 2007

globe artichoke number 2 its a goody, in the pan as i speak
mmmm come on the toms
view from top, we have some glass over the pumpkins to try and bring them on they are being a little shy
The carrots have done really well to the point where they are a topic of discussion at the local working mens club......apparetnly they are very diffuclt to grow round here
Mounge too rodders
behold our first corgette...let the onslaut begine...bring it on....i almost begrudge buying veg at the supper market at the moment.. i cant wiat to get harvesting...well...i can but im looking forward to it.

from l to r...sweet corn, beet root, beet root,Kill rabi french beans, runner beans, radicio, sweed, purple beans, onions, boloity beans, chinese lettus(higly recommended beautiful in salads and really pretty...oh and some more sweed from roy
Our 3rd glob artiechoke comming ...our second is in the pan as i going to boil it for an hour in salted heavilly oiled water and and then prepare and stick it in some olive oil for pizzas...higly recommended.
sprouts for chirstmas...loving the weather
Off course last years spuds are still sprouting heither and tither all over the plot...i dont have the heart to pull any of them.
The spud have been loving the rain....mmmm rub the skin off with your thumb, boil for 15 mins and drenche in butter salt and pepper what better a meal surley does not exist.
Cant live in newcastle with our having an abundance of leeks....second planting is nearly ready im going to make a concerted effort to make sure that we have some winter veg this year.
The chillie army marches on....i dont know where im going to put them all....but rest asured everyone is getting chillie sauce for their christmas box.
I love the close ups you can almost smell it.....come on the toms
more newly obtained irrigation system thanks to the demise of a local garden centre i recently had to survey......recycling i think its called

The tomatoes i think i have 7 varieties.....augherbeans in the foreground. they are staying small silently awaiting some sun

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