Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Frith, nice tash.

First Beetroot and cucumbers

Broad bean flowers and a few black fly, i keep picking the tips but they keep comming back.

A sneaky peak at Roys allotment,hes got peas, brocolli, sweed, leeks onions, turnips, potatoes.

Every thing ship shape and bristol fasion.

Its a plane!!

Its a plane!!

The lazy place to water.




Yellow Corgettes

GReen corgettes

Massive Pumpkin Plant and tiny leeks

The allotment from the top

First Pepper

Same chillie plant that was in last few blogs...check out how many chillies there are on it now

Its been a while again, ive been tiling the bath room and watching more world cup but the garden is blooming.
Tomatoes are green, these are gardeners delight

These tomatoes are green cant remember what flafour they are but they are big.

The obergine are getting aphids and white fly, but im speaying them off every night.

chillies grown from seed are getting too big for the pots, also in the fore ground the butter nut squash, need to go into the ground.

Baby black bird from our back yard, i think next doors cat has been sucking on it.

Our tree fern in the back yard isdoing grand after a winters frost.

Im doing grand after a winters frost!

This was last week what the cucumber were like.....

This the cucumbers today wow

More tomatoes