Saturday, August 12, 2006

Leek Alliums from the abandoned allotment over the way.pretty but they stink of onions

Free Veg

The proud rotovater

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Frith, nice tash.

First Beetroot and cucumbers

Broad bean flowers and a few black fly, i keep picking the tips but they keep comming back.

A sneaky peak at Roys allotment,hes got peas, brocolli, sweed, leeks onions, turnips, potatoes.

Every thing ship shape and bristol fasion.

Its a plane!!

Its a plane!!

The lazy place to water.




Yellow Corgettes

GReen corgettes

Massive Pumpkin Plant and tiny leeks

The allotment from the top

First Pepper

Same chillie plant that was in last few blogs...check out how many chillies there are on it now

Its been a while again, ive been tiling the bath room and watching more world cup but the garden is blooming.
Tomatoes are green, these are gardeners delight

These tomatoes are green cant remember what flafour they are but they are big.

The obergine are getting aphids and white fly, but im speaying them off every night.

chillies grown from seed are getting too big for the pots, also in the fore ground the butter nut squash, need to go into the ground.

Baby black bird from our back yard, i think next doors cat has been sucking on it.

Our tree fern in the back yard isdoing grand after a winters frost.

Im doing grand after a winters frost!

This was last week what the cucumber were like.....

This the cucumbers today wow

More tomatoes

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Tomatoes are in flower and the polytunnel is starting to smell like papas old green house, im sure he would be proud.

The basil is massive, we are going to make some pesto, today we got loads of different types of basil to try out, this one seems to like the poly tunnel...smells lush too

This is an obergien flower they are doing really well, and will need staking soon. There seems to be loads of flowers, really nice colour.

The first chilli this is a bishops hat....i think....very hot.....i think...we will have to see.

The baby chilly plants are getting a bit thicker...i dont really know what type these are but they should be long and red.

I have 3 cucombers, 2 in a grow bag and one in the ground, 1 in the grow bag is massive, one is tiny, the one in the ground is medium sized, I have built a little trelis for it to build round, and the cucombers havewond their tendrill around them already.they have little tiny cucumbers comming already.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Its been a while, world cup what can i say....

The marigold are planted quite extravagantly between the carrots, but they are all different colours and look pretty cool..

like i said difffferentttt

broad beans .........haway with the black fly...ive not seen any but i learn it in a book.

frith got me a grow yer own indian food thing for my birthday a few month ago that had chilies in it, i planted them in 1 pot , they came on really well and scince we have planted each of them in their own pot, we now have 35 chilli plants....get in

this was taken last week, scine then (as you will see tomorrow they are like elephants ears)

PumPkin...they are the ones that grow gigantic bring on the horse shit

Runner beans. getting massive

the spuds are doing grand but then how else could they do under the direction of an irish expert. We haev been soiling up that leagal?

Saturday, June 03, 2006

normal view from the top rubarb is doing my head in now, i want to cut it down there is only so much rubarb crumble you can eat in a year. maybe i can distill it ;)

Lets see how this changes over the next few weeks, Roy from next door helped me cut the side shots from the tomatoes today i get the feeling that he misses them a bit his green house blew down last year i hope our polu tunnel lasts a bit longer
these are the chillies, peppers, obergienes its like our own personal italy

We have loads of different tomates
  • gardeners delight
  • romania
  • yellow
  • secillia
  • etc
  • ect
  • tce ......i think i will have lots of tomatoes.....right at the end is cucomber.

TA DA...we are very proud of our little shak we decided to put put it up on the windest day of the year, fritha bearly blew away a couple of times, and i got cramp from using the staple gun to much...and bumpted my head about 20 times..but it was worth it.

I think the heat might be getting to me

Fritha looks like shes just had a really nice sweet...either that or shes asleep....frith hope that she might grow a bit in the poly tunnel.

whats this space i dont know what im going to do with all my food in september.